Handwriting and Signature Identification

Penmanship or handwriting is the art of writing with the hand and a writing instrument wherein the styles of handwriting is called as scripts. There are various characteristics, which describe a particular handwriting and each individual normally has his own handwriting characteristics, which persist in normal circumstances throughout ones life, of course within the range of ‘normal variation’.

Some of the main handwriting characteristics could be mentioned as (1) Speed, (2) Slant, (3) Spacing, (4) Shading, (5) Size, (6) Style,  (7) Pen position, (8) Pen lifts, (9) Pen pressure, (10) Pictorial effect, (11) Proportion of letters, [12] Movement, [13] Alignment, [14] Line quality [15] Formation of letters etc, which are to be examined in identification of handwriting. Of course all these characteristics may not be relevant in each and every case of handwriting identification. The value of these characteristics depends on each and every case independently.Normally signatures should be compared with signatures and the writings should be compared with writings.

However, if signature is in writing style, then in such cases the signatures can be compared with the writings.

  • Every individual handwriting always individual to that person.
  • Every individual handwriting undergoes natural variations with the passage of time.
  • The range of natural variation depends upon person to person.
  • A person can not make two signatures mathematically identical/exactly alike. If two signatures are found to be super imposing over each other then one of them or both of them could be traced forgeries.
  • Similarly, a person cannot write better than his normal skill.
  • The disputed and the comparatives should always be in same script.