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Deepak JainDeepak Jain is a highly skilled, experienced & trainedForensic Expertwith more than 21 years of standing devoted to Examination of Questioned documents with regard to detection of forgery, Identification of disputed signatures, writings, unnatural additions, alterations, erasers, substitutions, indentations etc. in court & private cases.

Deepak Jain is one of those few such experts in Northern India, that can solve complicated issues in a easy to understand way.

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Deepak Jain is a Bachelor of Science from Kurukshetra University which he completed in 1987. Further, he did his Forensic Science Course and was conferred a Certificate in 1988 Delhi University, Delhi.

Deepak Jain, a forensic examiner of questioned documents and a handwriting and fingerprint expert, started out withtraining fromCentral Forensic Science Lab, Delhi under the C. B. I. net and the Finger Prints Bureau, New Delhi during the certificate course in forensic science conducted by the Delhi University and with two year practical training in the field of examination of questioned documents, handwriting and finger print examination under the privileged guidance of Mrs. R. K. Vij, Document Examiner.He has also received his advanced training to acquire the latest knowledge in the techniques of detection of forgeries and development of latent fingerprints.

His training covered all the aspects of questioned document examination, which included handwriting and finger print comparison, identification of handwriting and detection of forgery, examination of typewriters, rubber-stamp impressions, different types of erasers, additions and alterations, deciphering obliterated writings and so on. It also included documents photography.

He has a distinction of having unique experience and knowlege of solving problems in dating of Revenue Stamps.

He has a distinction of having been consulted by Hon'ble Courts, almost by every nationalised bank and various foreign Banks from several parts of India, Govt. Undertakings and Private Parties in India. He has appeared in numerous departmental enquires conducted by several banks, Govt. undertakings & have given evidence before several courts all over India. His opinions have been accepted by various Courts as reliable and trustworthy.

Deepak Jain started his practice as an examiner of questioned document in 1990. He has so far given his opinion in more than 2500 casesinvolving thousands of disputed documents.He has been regularly testifying in Courts all over India.His opinion can be filed before Hon'ble Courts in Civil, Criminal & revenue cases and a F.I.R. can be lodged on their basis.

Deepak Jain has with him full technology support including the critical scientific instruments like Ultra Violet Rays, various types of Magnifiers, Measuring Instruments, etc for document examination and photographic apparatus.

With a rich experience of more than 20years, Deepak Jain is a perfect solution provider for your seemingly simple or seemingly complicated cases involving handwriting & documents - in a wide coverage applications from the fields of Property; Land; Banking; Corporate agreements / understandings; Hypothecations; Marriage; Lottery; Education; Examinations; Medical; and so on.

He affirms his pledge to rededicate himself to impartial, honest and prompt services,

He is commitment to deliver quick professional services as per the requirement and exigencies to assist the Hon'ble Courts & other agencies in the prompt administration of Justice.

He is also committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients. Your identity, along with what he does on your behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential.

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